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How to Make Crack Cocaine
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How to Scare People at UFO Press Conference
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How Pilgrim Resources

If you've come to this website looking for either serious advice or humor then we have some resources for other websites to fit your tastes. We've assembled the top "How to" and humor resources we can find, so don't be afraid or trembling in fear like a little school girl in a B horror movie to check out these websites.

How To Resources

eHow - how to do just about anything under the sun including how to be underneath the sun, for real.

WikiHow - a collaborative how-to manual where the Internet community gets to decide which part of the "Honey Do" jar you should tackle first.

Instructables - How to do, make or be all the you can be with step-by-steps guides on things such as how to fold your pants.


Humor Resources

The Onion - fake news, satire and parody all wrapped into one big heap of laughter.

Cracked - humor and funny video website that will make you tinkle your pants, change your clothes and tinkle some more.

National Lampoon - an icon of satirical humor along with parody.

Aha! Jokes for clean jokes, funny audio, funny video, cartoons, and more.

Talk Like a Pirate - the creators of International Talk Like a Pirate Day.



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