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How to Write the ABC's like Michael J. Fox

Many kids want to know how to write the alphabet. First, they memorize that song that lasts a lifetime about "A B C D E F G - H I J K L M N O P - Q R S - T U V - W X Y & Z - now I know my ABC's tell me what you think of me" or "next time won't you sing with me?" Whatever it is cut it out! I'm half a century old and this song is still ringing in my brain.

How to Write ABC's

So, besides memorizing one's ABC's a kid also has to learn how to write them. For most kids this is no problem. Patient teachers and large lines on paper do the trick.

But what if you wanted to teach your child how to write the alphabet like Michael J. Fox does? Now, why would you want to do this? Perhaps you have a child with dysgraphia (writing disorder) and you want them to have higher self esteem.

So, your child was unlucky enough to have bad genetics passed down from grandpa, it's not their fault. If you teach them to write like Michael J. Fox they will at least have a celebrity to look up to and gain a little self esteem.

Or perhaps your child has Parkinson's disease like Michael J. Fox and is embarrassed about his or her writing skills. Once again Michael saves the day by being a role model.

Now, I am not saying that this writing style for everyone. When you go into the business world people do need to read your handwriting. Then again if your kid is lucky enough to become a doctor, then they will fit right in with the rest of the physicians who fill out unreadable prescriptions.

So, here are the 10 steps to write like Michael J. Fox

  1. Pull out your pencil or pen
2. Get out a piece of paper
3. Express your dysgraphia
4. Express your dyslexia
5. Express your Parkinson's
6. Express your dysgraphia, dyslexia, Parkinson's, ADHD, oppositional defiance disorder and general orneriness at the same time.
7. Pretend you're an artist creativing an abstract sketch
8. Badly draw an animal that represents each letter of the alphabet
9. Write slow and badly to get out of doing the rest of your homework
10. If you're right handed then use your left hand and vice versa

These are the 10 most common steps in learning how to write like Michael J. Fox. Hopefully you have learned something today. If not, then go write a letter to me using your toes.

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