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How to Talk Like a Pirate - Day of Reckoning September 19

Aw, shiver me timbers and swab the poop deck you poop head, it's once again time for that infamous anti-holiday called Talk Like a Pirate Day. No you may be wondering just how does a scallywag such as yeself even beginst to talk like a pirate.

Well, it be simple. First, ye needs to say "ye" instead of "you" and then ye needs to either start ye sentences with an Arrrgh or end then with such. You see, me nose picking plunder dog, I've taken upon meself to record a few audios for ye to listen to.

These audios will give ye some good training in talking like a pirate. Calling women wenches on such a day is not only fun but a requirement as well. Ye may also call men Buckos if ye wish.

Now, he are some sound files for ye to listen to in order to get a feel for thee speech patterns.

Top 10 Pirate Talk Sound Files


Buried Treasure

Davy Jones Locker

Down on Your Knees


Hoist Me Main Sail



Prepare to Be Boarded

R 'n' R

Shiver Me Timbers

Swab the Poop Deck

Wooden Leg



Top 10 Pirate Phrases and Sayings:

1. Arrrrgh, swab the poop deck lest ye be pooped upon
2. The wench or the booty or the wench with the booty, you're call
3. Walk the plank you scallywag and join Davy Jones' Locker
4. I got ye buried treasure right here pal
5. Spit it out! Me parrot's a better talker than you.
6. This is not me wooden leg. This is me Spaniard stomper.
7. Tickle me timbers and I'll be yours forever
8. Find me Mike Tyson as I'm gonna whack him with me left hook
9. I hear me booty calling
10. Me treasure map is in me pants. Who here will get it?


So, this as ye can hear, this ain't the Rosetta Stone of pirate talk. Nay, there is no RocketPirate speech software on the market, though there should be. Just try to imitate me speech and ye will be a butt scratching scallywag in no time. Arrrrrgh!

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