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How to Talk Like a Parrot

Sure there is Talk Like a Pirate Day with is celebrated every September 19 but did you know that there is also a Talk Like a Parrot Day as well? Well, yes there is.

Talk Like a Parrot

Talk Like a Pirate Day is a fun day itself me Bucko. But, it is rare that one is able to spoof a spoof. And, that's what Talk Like a Parrot Day does. By the way, National Talk Like a Parrot Day is celebrated the day after the pirates have their say, on September 20 every year.

In order that you can learn to talk like a parrot, I've decided to put a few MP3 sound files on this page for you to listen to. Remember to start every sentence off with an AWK! And you'll be Okay. Simple enough?

Talk Like a Parrot Day audio files


Top Talk Like a Parrot Day Phrases and Sayings

Awk, Polly wanna cracker that is low in sodium, high in fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids
Awk, what kind of name is Polly for a straight male bird?
Awk, call me Polly Unsaturated, Polly Unsaturated, Polly Unsaturated
Awk, Polly wanna fight a pigeon named Clarence in the Octagon
Awk, Polly crapped a turd bigger than your head
Awk, Polly got an butt wart the size of a Chihuahua
Awk, Polly wanna jump out of an airplane, strapped to a humping dog that has the main parachute
Awk, Polly wanna know that when he dies and becomes a ghost will he still be afraid of ghosts?
Awk, Polly wanna full body massage from Eva Mendez, Fergie and Andre the Giant
Awk, Polly wanna help a lady from Nigeria that he met over email move $1 billion into this country because her brother, the prince is dying
Awk, Polly wanna crack at Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom stall at rehab
Awk, Polly wanna experience random acts of dwarf tossing
Awk, Polly wanna lose control of his bodily functions while being tickled by that purple Barney dinosaur
Awk, Polly wanna play Stratego with monkeys named James, Ben and Sven
Awk, Polly wanna have elective cosmetic surgery offshore to have his beak enlarged
Awk, Polly wanna find Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and make doody in his ear
Awk, Polly want you to take your shirt off and give yourself a nipple twister.
Awk, Polly wanna be called by my middle name of Steve, Awk at family reunions
Awk, Polly is under the influence, Polly is under the influence AWWWWK! AWK, AWK AWK AWK.

As you can see (and hear) there is an argument to be made for participating in Talk Like a Parrot Day.. And if they don't know it is this special day, you'll have your friends, family and coworkers so confused they will keel over into the fetal position, suck their thumbs and wet themselves repeatedly. And, this will be most fun, now won't it?

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