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How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac or PC

How to take a screenshot on a Mac or PC is a question often asked of tech guys, the help desk and message boards online. And, I wish you would stop asking this question for once and for all. Yes, I can see you. I've taken a screenshot of you and am looking at you right now. I don't care if you don't have a camera on your computer, I can still see you.

Screenshot Mac PC

Now, that you know I can see what you look like you will have confidence that I can tell you how to take a screenshot on a Mac or PC. Now, you may want to use the Command + Shift keys on a Mac plus 3 or you may want to hit Alt + Print Screen on a PC, but don't do it. You'll embarrass yourself.

The best way to take a screenshot on a Mac or PC is to do it mentally. Just blink your eyes real fast and take a mental picture of what this looks like. Now open Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and draw the picture you now see in your mind. This will help you to become an artist.

Once you have this down, then you can post the bitmap graphic on your website, blog, or MS Word doc or even inside your own butt if you wish to place it there. In fact, right now, why don't you stick your head up your rather bulbous behind and take a mental picture of what your colon looks like.

From the looks of your desktop and the files you've saved on your computer I'd say you spend a fair amount of time with your head up your rectal orifice anyway, so you may as well take a picture while you're there.

Anyway, now just plug your USB cord into any of your open sphincters, touch both of your nipples at the same time (this is the human Print command) and out of your printer will pop a fresh picture of your colon, polyps and any pooh that is coming down the shoot.

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