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How to Scare People at a UFO Press Conference

Listening to retired U. S. Air Force and other military officers at a UFO press conference is not the norm but not unusual either. The recent UFO press conference has scared the heebie ba jeebies out of many people who listened to the debacle.

UFO Press Conference

The message of the UFO press conference was basically "we are not alone" and "aliens want our weapons of mass destruction".

So, if you want to scare people at your own UFO press conference here is a top 10 list on how to do it.


Top 10 List of How to Scare People at a UFO Press Conference

1. Tell people that UFO's caused the shutdown of nuclear missile silos
2. Tell people that UFO's have nukes and are about to use them on us
3. Tell people that UFO's have weapons far in advance of nukes, they will use them to take us out and our nukes will have no affect on us
4. Tell people that Will Smith is not available to save the world right now as he is shooting on location
5. Say that Area 51 has a big cube in it and that the Transformers movie is real
6. Mention to reporters that the Roswell, New Mexico story is real and the first alien found was named Rossie in commemoration
7. Tell people alien abductions are real, that alien anal probes are also real and that there are videos verifying this on Youtube.
8. Tell people that the aliens inside the UFO's are not friendly and that they are members of Al Qaeda
9. Tell people that aliens want to take over the planet and use it for an interstellar Club Med
10. Tell people that aliens are in their closets and under their beds now so they better not sleep at night. Evil Monkey from "Family Guy" is in fact, an alien.


This top 10 list on how to scare people at a UFO press conference is not all inclusive. You may find some ala carte items you may want to add to the list. Send them in or else, hold onto them and use them at your own UFO press conference ironically held on this coming Halloween eve.

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