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How to Quit Your Job

Many people are "As mad as hell and can't take it anymore" in regard to their jobs. And sure you can tell everyone on the airplane off then go diving down the emergency inflatable slide and become an instant folk hero.

Quitting Job

Or you can quit your job by taking photos of yourself with a dry erasable white board, telling off the boss and emailing the pictures to all of his staff (especially the part about the boss spending 20 hours a week playing Facebook's Farmville). This will also get you a certain amount of notoriety.

But, there are a couple of other outlandish ways to quit your job when you're so angry that your sphincter tightens up like a choir boy at confession or Barney Fife during a jailbreak.

You want out. You're going to get out. You've already made the decision and the only question remaining is how to quit your job in a way that will attract the most attention. You may even become famous.

I'm not talking infamous here like putting up with racial harassment, then mowing down the office place with a handgun or assault rifle. I'm talking about just the right amount of venom to fit the crime.

So let's take a look at some creative ways to quite your job that may also make you famous in doing so. Be sure to have a friend, coworker or yourself use your phone's camera / video to record the whole event.

Top 10 Methods on How to Quit Your Job


1. Post your resignation on a giant traditional billboard or electronic billboard that faces your office.

2. Pay one of those automated telemarketer companies to call everyone in your company at the same time announcing your resignation (record this).

3. If you work in a tall building, parachute from the top and on the parachute write "FU" and insert your company name.

4. Write your two week notice on toilet paper (slightly soiled) and give it to the boss in front of your coworkers

5. Walk around at work in your bathrobe and fuzzy slippers and whenever anyone questions you about this, open the robe and flash them your "I Quite" t-shirt and matching underwear

6. Write "I Quit" on your butt cheeks, then photocopy your behind on the copy machine and hand out / fax the copies to your boss and all of your coworkers

7. Start out with a little hip hop presentation for your boss in front of others and rap about bitches, ho's and motha friggas, then move into some good old Michael Jackson crotch grabbing and sing in a falsetto "I quit my job! Ooh hoo hoo!"

8. Go all Kung Fu Panda on your boss, pin his shoulders to the ground and hock a loogie that dangles over his face. Let it slide down onto his nose, then slurp it back up and say softly, "I quit."

9. Skip around the office without pants singing "I quit my job. I quit my job".

10. Write "Bye!" on your hand and shove it in my boss's nose and then put your hand up to the cell phone camera for a close up.


If you want to know how to quit your job then these are some of the more creative ways to do it. You won't be able to use your boss as a reference nor can you expect a letter of recommendation. But, your video may go viral and you may just end up with a better job (or write a book) because of your chutzpa.

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