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How to Make Money Fast at Home Selling Air

Plenty of people want to know how to make money fast and how to make money at home. I'm going to teach you how to do both of these at the same time selling air. Yes, I said, air.

Now, you may think this is some snake oil pitch, but at least snake oil is a product, now isn't it? Air however, could be a product, if it were say compressed or purified in some way with mostly nitrogen or oxygen.

But, no I'm going to teach you how to make money fast at home selling plain old air. There you have it. You'll notice that this is not one of those fancy landing pages going blah, blah, blah with some sales spiel countering every objection you have telling you to buy a Clickbank ebook today for a discounted price and the clock is ticking.

No, this is a primer in looking around you and telling you that everything you have is a commodity that can be bought, sold, traded or bartered. I read an article a few years back about a gentleman who started on Craigslist by bartering his way up from one paperclip to eventually buying a house.

Yes, this was a gimmick. Yes, this caught on, went viral and the paperclip idea is just about as thin as thin air.

So, what do I mean by air? In the space around you there is stuff. Simple stuff. Stuff that you overlook all the time can be sold, using some imagination like the paperclip. So, remember the pet rock a few years back?

Someone took a rock and made millions of dollars off of it. The title of this article back then would have been how to make money fast at home selling rocks. You would have thought then I had gone nuts, gone crazy, gone off the deep end, gone all Mel Gibson on your butt.

But, no the pet rock made millions and the paperclip made a new homeowner. So, just how does one make money fast and at home selling anything simple like air, rocks or paperclips?

The first thing to do is keep it simple. The second thing to do is to think up something that no one has done (or overdone) before. The third action one must take is to take some action.

Just how many times have you had a great idea and thought that someone else (not you) could make a bazillion dollars off of it? You fantasize about being the Idea Man (or woman) and selling your idea for big money and then sit your big hairy fat ass on a beach somewhere the rest of your life flirting with the worker bees in some Caribbean island who live in a hut out of sight of the tourists and feed their kids food from CARE packages.

You think that just by coming up with a great idea you are somehow entitled to give it to someone else who won't steal it and just sit back and reap the benefits. Do you think Bill Gates never worked for his billions and that he just came up with an idea and handed it off to someone else? Sure, that is what he did after putting years of hard labor in upfront.

In fact, do you know a single soul personally who came up with a great idea, gave it to someone else who did all the hard work and became a millionaire in such a manner? Yeah, only in your dreams.

But, that fact is that you can make money at home fast. And how do you do this selling simple stuff? The trick is usually in the packaging and marketing. The pet rock had both of these and the paperclip had only one of these.

A few years back someone developed a fart in a jar and sold it as a novelty. This is basically bad air in a jar with some decent packaging and a lot of marketing. This was a novel idea selling air, a particular kind of air.

Every time someone else farts around you, you wrinkle your nose and perhaps cough a little and look around to see who the culprit is. Perhaps the culprit is even you. Well, here is someone so good at selling that they are selling their own farts to other people who are paying good money for this.

Talk about selling snow to an Eskimo (or tar land in Florida). So after you've come up with a novel, simple idea that no one has marketed well before and come up with an inexpensive prototype, packaging and marketing plan (most of Craigslist is still free), then it is time to test market your product.

Test marketing your "box of air" can be done on Craigslist or eBay or by putting some good old sweat equity into a website and start selling online. Throw caution to the wind, flatulate into a balloon, do back flips and call out "Norma" or whatever it is you do to get motivated.

Remember to live for the day, dance like it will be your last, get the last laugh, and try some laughing gas every once in a while to give you a break from your Xanax, Oxycontin or other prescription medication addiction. And start selling air because not to do so would be a huge err.

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