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How to Make a Crossbow like MacGyver

The question of how to make a crossbow will assuredly bring up the answer of WWMD (What Would MacGyver Do). Of course WWMD could stand for Wacky Weapons of Mass Destruction as well and that wouldn't be too far off the point especially in old Mel Gibson Scottish movies before he hated Jews and beat women.

How to Make Crossbow

When it comes to answering the question of how to make a crossbow in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, let's be clear that there is a right way and a wrong way to build one. So, let's talk about the wrong way, shall we?

Supplies You'll Need to Build a Crossbow

1. A crossbow (Okay, I guess it's cheating to simply buy one, disassemble it then reassemble it again and say that you've made a crossbow).
2. Wood
3. Duct tape
4. Baling wire
5. Bubble gum
6. A Huell Howser video
7. Sammy Davis Jr.'s left eye
8. More duct tape
9. Pencil
10. ¾ inch thick rubber band that is 2-feet long tip to tip

Instructions for Making a Crossbow

1. Put the doohickey into the thingymabobber then grab the whatchamacallit and slide the rubber band around it and you're finished.
2. Okay, if you would like a longer explanation then first grab the wood
3. Duct tape the baling wire around your leg slowly and with passion
4. Fold another piece of baling wire over and duct tape it to the wood for a handle
5. Stretch the rubber band from the end of the wood back towards the handle
6. Hold the rubber band in place with bubble gum
7. Place Huell Howser video in the VCR and start playing
8. Insert Sammy Davis Jr.'s left eye onto the pencil
9. Put pencil on top of bubble gum and rubber band
10. Fire eyeball at the Huell Howser video

Okay, see how simple it is? You wanted to learn how to make a crossbow and there you have it. I have taught you the exact wrong way to build one. Now that you've found out what won't work, check out the other pages on the website to see how to do other things that also won't work. You may just stumble across the right way while doing so.

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