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How to Fry a Skunk and Have Your Guests Ask for Seconds

Now frying a skunk may seem counterintuitive to many. Aren't skunks those stinky creatures that we drive by flattened on the sides of the roads? Well, yes they are and they happen to be good eatin' as well (and not just for Jed Clampett).

How to Fry Skunk

How to fry a skunk to perfection and have your guest ask for seconds will be outlined here. You may have a skunk that visits you in the backyard or you may have to go hunting for one, but once you get your skunk it's all downhill.

I recommend a meal consisting of skunk and brownies. I know that fried skunk at this point is questionable but skunk and brownies? Just hang with me here a second.

Here's the recipe for a nice skunk and brownies meal including ingredients you'll need.


  • Skunk
  • Turkey stuffing
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper
  • Tomato juice
  • Brownie mix
  • Super secret ingredient to be revealed later


1. Mix brownie mix in a bowl and let set
2. Filet and sauté skunk, leaving the tail on and squeezing the stink juice from the animal's butt gland in a separate container.
3. Push turkey stuffing up nose to cut down on smell
4. Wash hands with tomato juice to cut down smell
5. Fry skunk whole in butter in cast iron skillet until golden to perfection
6. Add salt and pepper, plus a few tater tots
7. Put super secret ingredient into brownies and bake until done

By now, if you haven't guessed, the super secret ingredient for the brownies is a little medical marijuana that you and your guests all have a license to possess (right?).

Feed your guests the brownies first. Wait until munchies kick in and they will basically eat anything including a disgusting fried skunk. You eat something else but take video of your guests eating the skunk especially if someone has the tail hanging out of their mouth.

Post video on Youtube for friends and family to see. Get a new set of friends, rinse and repeat.

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