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How to Draw Wolverine Faster than Drawing Blood

If you're a fan of Marvel Comics (and who isn't, duh!) then you may want to take a crack at sketching out one of their most famous characters. Many a budding artist wants to know how to draw Wolverine.

How to Draw Wolverine

Many a budding artist wishes they weren't called "budding artists" but rather "bad ass artists." It's about time you realize that wishing for stuff doesn't make it magically come true. If fact if you wish hard enough, then the opposite will happen.

It's called negative Karma. The more you want it, the farther away it slips. Yet, I digress, Nietzsche tadpole. You came here to find helpful advice on how to draw Wolverine and this is exactly what you will not find here.

I mean who do you think I am a Marvel comic artist? I'm just a guy who writes a website and gives out bad how-to advice. Nay, I say, nay (I like saying "nay" even though it is for horses). Nay, I am the worst advice giver of all time.

But, you can use this to your advantage and I'll tell you why. If I tell you how to draw Wolverine and you do the opposite, you will succeed. My advice is so bad that many people I advise do just this and accomplish whatever it is they wish to accomplish.

Here's how to draw Wolverine. The steps are quick, painless and faster than drawing blood. First, you draw a bunch of circles and ovals in the shape of muscles. Second you give him a funky mask. Third, you put some blades on his fists.

That's it. Of course if you want to draw Wolverine based upon the X-men movie then you may want to give him some funky hair and lamb chop sideburns. And of course if you came here to learn how to draw a wolverine animal, then just draw a skunk and fill in the white stripe on the tail with black.

Call him Pepé Le Pew-verine or something equally as silly. So, I hope you've learned nothing by being here. Have a sad day.

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