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How to Change Your Name Painlessly

Many people write in and ask how to change your name. No, that's a premeditated fabrication. No one has written in yet and most likely never will.

How to Change Name

Okay, let me start over. Many people go online to find out how to change their name. There can be many reasons for this. Two reasons are marriage or divorce. Another reason is that you've picked up a stalker and want to shake them.

Another reason is that you've always been fascinated with names such as Moon, Pippy or Hormuth and now you would like to change your name to this. This is not unusual.

The recommended advice people usually give on how to change your name is to go to court, see a judge and have your name legally changed. But, this is a lot of time, energy and effort.

An easier way to change your name is the old fashioned tried and true way of giving yourself a nickname. Sparky, Thumper or Lyle are good one's to start with.

Repetition is the key here. The more you call yourself by your nickname, the more other people will too. Use your new nickname for all of your logons online and basically adopt the nickname as your real name.

Through the complicated process of social osmosis your real name will start to fade away on legal documents such as bills, bank accounts, loans and like a good virus your chosen name will start to replace your given name.


Ridiculous advice, you say! You protest. You state quite strongly that this is BS and will never work. The fact is, says you.

When you realize all of the work involved in how to change a name or get one of those fancy hyphenated names, most likely you won't want to do it. Instead, like I said before (Hello, are you listening?) go with a nickname. See how it fits. Live with it for a while.

Changing your name should not be like partying all night and getting a drunken tattoo at 3 am. If you want to change your name back you'll be sorry you were ever born.

Speaking of being born, my best advice is to simply get a hold of your original birth certificate, then cross out your given name and put in your desired name. Initial it of course to make it legal.

Now show it to everyone you know and post it on Facebook and Twitter so that everyone, bar none, will know that you've changed your name and that, my fiendish friend is that.

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